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Fluoride in US Court

80 years of fluoride in the USA. UK and Canada are studying it. However, the Fluoride Action Network is sharing compelling evidence in court. FYI, here is the status in Taiwan:

What happened in 2020?

The results are clear. Here are the sources, go and read:

Pfizer knew the whole time.

Before getting emergency use authorization (EUA), Pfizer had enough data available to show a 3.7x increase in cardiac death for recipients of the covid vaccine. Instead, they modified the date of deaths for the vaccinated group by +18 days. This modification was not applied equally to the unvaccinated group. After receiving...

Stop Vaccinating Children

Its July 2022 and the damn government is still pushing vaccines on children. At this point its not even negligence, its murder.

Bieber Might Never Recover

One of the few celebrities who required their fans be vaccinated. Typical onset of Ramsey Hunt syndrome is 2-3 months after vaccination. About 338 in 100,000. Some more research for you deniers to ignore: Ramsey Hunt is not the same as Bell’s Palsey. I’m willing to wager he never fully...

Taiwan VAERS Offline

It’s been over 10 days that the Taiwan “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” (VAERS) is offline and does not respond. It’s very annoying at the moment, specifically due to a spike in Covid across Taiwan, and many vax ambassadors pushing lies without telling the truth about the side effects. 疫苗不良事件通報系統(VAERS)

Proof: Vax does more harm than good

Steve Kirsch uses the latest data from the UK to calculate the risk of death after taking the shots. He breaks down his calculations so that you can see the truth about these shots and make your own decision on the data.