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Bieber Might Never Recover

One of the few celebrities who required their fans be vaccinated. Typical onset of Ramsey Hunt syndrome is 2-3 months after vaccination. About 338 in 100,000. Some more research for you deniers to ignore: Ramsey Hunt is not the same as Bell’s Palsey. I’m willing to wager he never fully...

Taiwan VAERS Offline

It’s been over 10 days that the Taiwan “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” (VAERS) is offline and does not respond. It’s very annoying at the moment, specifically due to a spike in Covid across Taiwan, and many vax ambassadors pushing lies without telling the truth about the side effects. 疫苗不良事件通報系統(VAERS)

Proof: Vax does more harm than good

Steve Kirsch uses the latest data from the UK to calculate the risk of death after taking the shots. He breaks down his calculations so that you can see the truth about these shots and make your own decision on the data.

They don’t hide it

33 billion for Ukraine. How did they settle on that amount?

My Roommate has Covid

I started taking this somewhat famous stack instantly hearing that he, and his friends, had sore throats. I am taking the following 2-times a day, for first 3 days: Quercetin, 500mg [1] Vitamin C, 2000 mg NAC, 1000mg Vitamin D, 5000 IU [2] [1] Take EMIQ highly absorbable, or including Quercetin...

End of PR Tour?

After listening to Albert Bourla on Lex Fridman show a couple months ago, i have noticed that he was essentially having his own PR tour. Will he continue his push to get everyone vaccinated 5 times, or will he quietly fade into the background . After all his hard work, he...

He’ll Lose

Don’t let the bastard get you down

Who’d have thought

That taking unnecessary treatments would harm your health. This first link is the best pdf showing the history of commonly vaccinated against diseases and how most had drastically dropped BEFORE the vaccine for the illness was introduced. Vaccine effectiveness history graphs 2009: Unvaccinated are healthier than vaccinated populations: Dr....

4 Arguments to Stop Vaccinations

From Alex Berenson’s substack: “Encourage booster shots for anyone – including the elderly – at this point is reckless, bordering on criminal. The facts have changed and they continue to change, and not to face this reality is incredibly dangerous. mRNA Covid vaccinations and boosters need to stop worldwide while we...