ERs Swamped with Vaxxed

UK: Double-jabbed Brits with ‘worst lurgy ever’ could actually have Covid without realising –Daily Star, Oct 11, 2021

USA: ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID –NPR, Oct 26, 2021

Personal anecdote: Everyone I know, knows someone who had severe side effects from the vaccine. My office is 99% vaccinated and I’m the only one not coughing or taking sick days. WTF.

Another anecdote: A friend was vaxxed at the end of July. On halloween he told us that his arm has a lump in the exact spot where he had the shot, and it was so painful he cannot sleep on that side. Around the lump is purple veins which remind me of the varicose veins you see on old folks’ legs. He is totally baffled that the lump is in the exact spot where he was injected 4 months ago – “It can’t be due to the shot, but it’s a crazy coincidence.”