My Roommate has Covid

I started taking this somewhat famous stack instantly hearing that he, and his friends, had sore throats. I am taking the following 2-times a day, for first 3 days:

  • Quercetin, 500mg [1]
  • Vitamin C, 2000 mg
  • NAC, 1000mg
  • Vitamin D, 5000 IU [2]

[1] Take EMIQ highly absorbable, or including Quercetin including Bromelain to increase absorption. You can take up to 1g/day with no known problems after a month.

[2] As of April 2022, meta analysis of 75 Vitamin D studies showed 81% outcome improvement when given as early treatment. It also showed 31% effectiveness as a prophylaxis (prevention). In addition, low vitamin d is a predictor of higher mortality. You can take up to 50,000 IU/day for 3 days with no known problems.

Update: a good share on detox supplements