UK Women: +30,304 Irregular Periods.

women with period-related vaccine side effects could be far greater than the 30,304 documented”

friends have told her “they’ve also been affected” but “didn’t report it either” due to the topic being both awkward and sensitive, and because of fears of being branded an ‘anti-vaxxer’.”

women can only “hope and trust” that the medical officials and influencers who are pushing for young women to get vaccinated are right about the allegedly low risks involved.”

RT, Aug 19th 2021

Dr Jo Mountfield, consultant obstetrician and vice president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said: “It is reassuring that the MHRA has investigated reports of suspected side effects of menstrual disorders and unexpected vaginal bleeding and not found any links to the COVID-19 vaccine.

We recognise that changes to periods can be concerning, but we want to stress that these changes appear to be temporary, and most women’s menstrual cycles return to normal after one to two cycles.

Medscape, Aug 17th 2021

This article on NHS website, explains the 130,000 woman test in USA found no hospitalizations due to Covid-19. The whole reason for recommending woman are vaxxed in UK was based on that US study. I wonder, what is the chance they did not track vaccination status at the hospital?

This is how the CDC reports on the matter: “Beginning May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections to investigating only those among patients who are hospitalized or die, thereby focusing on the cases of highest clinical and public health significance. CDC will continue to lead studies in multiple U.S. sites to evaluate vaccine effectiveness and collect information on all COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections regardless of clinical status.” – CDC, May 25th 2021

However, Harvard seems to think the CDC’s decision not to track all breakthrough cases “surprising” and “disappointing.” June 3rd, 2021